History of SharkNinja

SharkNinja: Euro-pro, Shark and Ninja

SharkNinja, previously known as Euro-Pro, is the manufacturer of the prominent Shark vacuums and Ninja kitchen appliances. The creator and founder of SharkNinja, Mark Rosenzweig, is an heir to a Canadian family with over 100 years in business. Euro-pro was founded by Mark Rosenzweig with the help of his parents Maz and Aviva. The enterprise produced innovative household solutions such as steam pressures and domestic ironing systems. After several years of determination and three generations later, SharkNinja was founded under the leadership of Mark Rosenzweig in 1994. Mar is the current CEO and the majority shareholder of the company. SharkNinja is a prominent household appliance manufacturer that has differentiated into several verticals with the support of Mark Barrocas, the company’s president.

Founder, chief executive officer, and executive chairman of the board, Mark Rosenzweig, and Mark Barrocas, president, will maintain their existing roles operating SharkNinja with the current leadership team. In addition, Rosenzweig and Barrocas will maintain a significant equity interest in the company.

Euro-Pro was the leading houseware innovator and the creator of Shark and Ninja brands. The change from Euro-Pro to SharkNinja was founded on the capitalization of customer awareness and trust. The capitalization aimed to create a distinct success stream for each brand and achievement of a unified brand identity.

SharkNinja products are available in the US and across the world through retailers and online shops hence enhancing satisfaction and convenience of the clients.

The the most significant competitor that SharkNinja faces is Dyson Ltd. Dyson Ltd is  a private limited company which is highly reputable for its vacuum cleaners. According to SharkNinja, satisfying its customers is the most important. As a result, it uses innovative approaches to enhance product efficiency and details of the products to achieve high customer satisfaction. SharkNinja has talented and competent professionals who help in the production of high-quality products using the latest technologies. The company takes advantage of opportunities, both individually and collectively, to excel in the production and sale of innovative products across the globe.

Mark Rosenzweig’s leadership has soared the success of SharkNinja, which has been able to create a loyal and personal relationship with its clients. The company has received constant 5-star reviews over the years, which symbolize the persistent effort and the company’s customer-driven focus.  The company has a robust customer-oriented policy that is the major reason for the company to become the leading producer of household appliances in the global market. Shark vacuum cleaners are the most sorted vacuum by customers across the globe as Ninja kitchen appliance becomes the best-selling kitchen appliances available in the market.

SharkNinja Operating LLC has three trademarks, namely, Shark, Ninja, and SharkNinja.

Shark is a developer and producer of small household appliances and cleaning solution. The products produced by Shark aim at meeting the contemporary demanding lifestyle of people across the world.  SharkNinja’s products are characterized by innovation and high efficiency, which is the key to the company’s success.  The brands have rapidly surpassed their competitors and have expanded into the houseware industry. These products have made a significant impact on customs in different ways such as the production of high-quality at-home coffee machines, innovative and powerful vacuum cleaners, as well as advanced designed that provide comfort and convenience to customers.

SharkNinja has made significant product innovations while ensuring that the products retain their convenience. SharkNinja also prides itself on the features it provides its customers while maintaining the affordability of the products. The products are available from major retailers as well as online for online shoppers.

SharkNinja is an innovative brand that products function and institutive products, which has led to the success of the brand. The brand currently achieves annual revenues which amount to more than 1.6 million dollars. The brand has also achieved immense success. For instance, it produces the most exceptional and innovative household product, is the top-ranking vacuum cleaner brand in the US, and the leading producer of motorized kitchen appliances.

SharkNinja aims at adopting new and brand campaign as a game0chamging identity to attract a large client base. Currently, the company is planning to hire more employees across the globe to add to its staff.

The company has attained immense popularity and a massive number of customers which has prompted the company to increase SharkNinja productions. In response to the increasing demands, SharkNinja had to develop its facilities and increase the number of offices. The brand implemented a strategy to keep pace with the needs of its clients.

One step the company took is signing a lease contract for the 150,000 square feet outstanding corporate headquarters in Needham, MA.  Currently, the company is looking for locations for new facilities in various geographical areas.  Some of the new SharkNinja locations include Alabama, Suzhou, China, and Toronto. The company has assigned some of its highly trained and competent professionals in these locations.  However, these locations are not only the expansion that SharkNinja has made. A state-of-the-art distribution center has been built in China and California. Besides, SharkNinja has a sales office in Wakefield, UK and a design center in London.

The company anticipates that the expansions will lead to higher availability and enhance convenience in the provision of services to SharkNinja clients. Although the anticipation does not affect the company sales and products, SharkNinja aims at continuing to sell its products through make retailers and its online shop available through the company website. Major company websites, Sharkclean.com and Ninjakitchen.com, will be the avenues for the infomercials and online shopping across the US, UK, Canada, and other countries across the globe. Products sold by SharkNinja Operating LLC are available under the three trademarks SharkNinja, Shark® and Ninja®

Founded by Mark Rosenzweig, SharkNinja has proved to be a revolutionary leader in the manufacturing of household appliances and brands. SharkNinja has ensured its production line continue growing by adding a variety of products and improving the convenience of its products to meet the needs of people across the world. Some of the new and technological innovations that the brand has made include cordless and corded vacuum, multiple kitchenware, irons and garment pressers and steam mops.

The innovations presented by SharkNinja focuses on group technology and design innovation that eliminates the demand to additional household appliances hence helping its clients to reduce clutter in their homes.

SharkNinja consistent seek professionals who are enthusiastic and motivate to make a difference in the lives of people. The brand seeks talent and creativity to push technological limits and designs. They welcome any individual who thinks he can play a significant role as part of SharkNinja production family through its new career page.