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Mark Rosenzweig Mark Rosen of SharkNinja in a back long sleeved t-shirt

Mark Rosenzweig is the visionary founder of SharkNinja, an innovative leader in the household appliance and cleaning solution sector since 1994. Born into a seasoned business family in Montreal, Canada, Mark represents the third generation of entrepreneurs, embodying the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that has been a family hallmark for over a century.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School in 1991, Mark initially ventured into the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, working with companies like Sony International Television and UTA. However, his entrepreneurial drive soon led him back to Montreal, where he joined his family’s business, Jolson Corp., a sewing machine company founded by his grandparents in 1954.

Intrigued by the potential of small appliances, Mark seized the opportunity to forge his path, founding Euro-Pro. The company initially offered high-quality Italian-made ironing systems, and swiftly expanded to include a range of household appliances under the Euro-Pro, Shark, and Bravetti brands. By leveraging a dynamic infomercial strategy and hosting these segments himself, Mark helped Euro-Pro reach a $1 billion revenue milestone by 2013.

Under Mark’s leadership, Euro-Pro transformed into SharkNinja, reflecting its focus on cutting-edge vacuum and kitchen appliances. By 2017, the company employed over 1,000 people and generated nearly $2 billion in sales, featuring products like robotic vacuums and innovative Ninja kitchen appliances.

Mark is also committed to philanthropy, supporting organizations such as the American Heart Association and leading hospitals. An avid enthusiast of outdoor activities, Mark enjoys biking, skiing, tennis, and spending quality time with his family in the Boston area.


Q1: What is SharkNinja? SharkNinja is a company that designs and manufactures innovative cleaning solutions and small household appliances. It is known for its high-performance vacuum cleaners and kitchen devices.

Q2: Who founded SharkNinja? SharkNinja was founded by Mark Rosenzweig in 1994.

Q3: What products does SharkNinja offer? SharkNinja offers a range of products including vacuum cleaners, steam mops, and various kitchen appliances like blenders and food processors.

Q4: Where is SharkNinja headquartered? SharkNinja is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

Q5: How has SharkNinja grown over the years? SharkNinja has grown significantly since its inception, reaching nearly $2 billion in sales by 2017 and expanding its product line to include robotic vacuums and advanced kitchen appliances.

Q6: Does SharkNinja support any charitable causes? Yes, Mark Rosenzweig, the founder of SharkNinja, supports various philanthropic organizations, including the American Heart Association and research institutions like Mass General Hospital.


Euro-Pro: The original name of SharkNinja, under which it was founded in 1994. The company initially focused on household appliances like ironing systems and sewing machines.

Infomercial: A form of television commercial which acts both as an advertisement and a sales pitch, often featuring demonstrations and testimonials to persuade viewers to purchase the product.

Innovator: A person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products. In the context of SharkNinja, Mark Rosenzweig is recognized as an innovator for his contributions to the small appliance industry.

Philanthropy: The desire to promote the welfare of others, typically expressed by generous donations of money to good causes.

Shark: A brand under SharkNinja known for its advanced vacuum cleaners and cleaning technology.

Ninja: A brand under SharkNinja, notable for its kitchen appliances like blenders and food processors.

This updated profile and additional information reflect Mark Rosenzweig’s enduring impact on the home appliance industry and his commitment to innovation and community support.

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