Revolutionizing the Cleaning and Kitchen Appliance Industry

Mark Rosenzweig Mark Rosen of SharkNinja in a blue suitjacket.

Mark Rosenzweig is more than just the founder of SharkNinja, a leading name in innovative cleaning solutions and small household appliances. He’s a passionate inventor and entrepreneur who has transformed the industry with his dedication to creating products that make a real difference in people’s lives.

From Family Business to Entrepreneurial Spirit

Born in Montreal to a third-generation business family, Mark’s entrepreneurial spirit bloomed early. Despite pursuing a successful career in the entertainment industry, his true calling lay in creating innovative products.

In 1994, he returned to his family’s sewing machine business, Jolson Corp. While valuable, Mark craved a platform for his own ideas. Inspired by the outdated and often ineffective cleaning appliances in the market, he envisioned a future where cleaning was not just efficient but also safe and healthy.

Birth of Euro-Pro and the Rise of SharkNinja

Fueled by this vision, Mark, with the support of his parents, founded Euro-Pro in 1994. The company’s initial focus was on innovative small appliances, including domestic ironing systems and food processors.

Recognizing the power of direct marketing, Mark became a pioneer in infomercial advertising. His engaging personality and clear demonstrations helped propel Euro-Pro’s products into the homes of millions.

A pivotal moment came in 1998 with the launch of the “Shark” brand of vacuum cleaners. Shark’s focus on powerful suction and innovative features quickly captured market share.

Innovation Through Collaboration

Mark’s brother, Stanley Rosenzweig, joined Euro-Pro in 2003, bringing his expertise in brand management and helping to navigate the company’s expansion to the United States.

Further strengthening the leadership team, Mark Barrocas, a seasoned executive, joined as President in 2009. Together, “Mark and Mark” steered Euro-Pro towards even greater success.

A Billion-Dollar Brand and Beyond

The strategic acquisition of Ninja kitchen appliances in 2007 marked a significant milestone. The combined entity, SharkNinja, became a powerhouse in both the cleaning and kitchen appliance sectors. By 2013, SharkNinja had achieved a billion dollars in annual sales, a testament to Mark’s vision and leadership.

Philanthropy and Personal Life

Beyond business, Mark is a dedicated philanthropist, actively supporting research institutions like Mass General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He also champions causes close to his heart, such as the American Heart Association.

When not leading SharkNinja, Mark enjoys an active lifestyle with cycling, skiing, and tennis. He resides near Boston and cherishes time spent with his family.


  • What is Mark Rosenzweig known for?
    • Mark Rosenzweig is the founder of SharkNinja, a leading company in innovative cleaning solutions and small household appliances.
  • When did Mark Rosenzweig found SharkNinja?
    • While SharkNinja wasn’t officially formed until 2007, the foundation for the company was laid in 1994 with the establishment of Euro-Pro.
  • What was Mark Rosenzweig’s inspiration for SharkNinja?
    • Mark was inspired by the outdated and often ineffective cleaning appliances in the market. He envisioned creating safe, healthy, and efficient cleaning solutions.
  • What are some of SharkNinja’s most popular brands?
    • SharkNinja’s most popular brands include Shark (vacuum cleaners) and Ninja (kitchen appliances).

Glossary of Terms

  • Direct Marketing: A marketing strategy that focuses on communicating directly with potential customers through channels like infomercials and telemarketing.
  • Private Equity: Investment funds that invest in companies that are not publicly traded on a stock exchange.
  • Robotic Vacuums: Self-directed vacuum cleaners that can navigate and clean a home environment autonomously.

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