SharkNinja Accelerates Sustainability Plans with 95% Recyclable Packaging Materials

NEEDHAM, Mass. — SharkNinja, a leader in houseware innovation, announced today that 98% of products across the company’s lineup now come with packaging made from 95% recyclable material – just one year after setting the ambitious goal of transitioning to complete recyclable materials. In rapid pace, SharkNinja made this initiative a top global priority by leveraging its broad footprint and scale to make immediate changes throughout the company as well as its supply chain.  

As part of the company’s commitment to help protect, restore and replenish the environment’s most important resources, SharkNinja met with internal stakeholders to develop a strategic vision on reducing environmental impact, while still relentlessly innovating for its consumers. The Company’s long-term strategic vision will focus on three core pillars; 1) Packaging; 2) Climate & Energy; and 3) Waste Reduction.

“SharkNinja’s commitment to sustainability permeates throughout our company, via both our internal actions and our associate’s personal interests, to ensure we’re doing good for the planet,” Mark Barrocas, President, SharkNinja said. “We believe our greatest opportunities for impact and increased investment are in the way we design our products and leverage our supply chain – these opportunities are directly linked to our focus on manically eliminating inefficiencies and our innovation pipeline.  Ensuring our packaging is easily recyclable is just one of many opportunities we will have to make a meaningful difference in reducing waste and positively impact people’s lives in every home around the world.” 

Just in time for the busy holiday season, SharkNinja has adopted new sustainable packaging materials. This transition makes it simple for consumers to help create circular use of materials. Packaging changes include:

  • The use of recyclable pulp guards instead of Styrofoam
  • 95% post-consumer recycled and recyclable paperboard boxes
  • Non-petroleum-based ink (soy-based) on product packaging

In addition, SharkNinja is working toward replacing all plastic-based material with sustainable solutions, such as explorations of paper and biodegradable solutions.

Over the past year, SharkNinja has worked to shape its global sustainability strategy and implement important changes, such as planting 20,000 trees (18,000 in Peru and 2,000 in the UK), thereby achieving carbon neutrality in the United Kingdom. SharkNinja also works with partners to refurbish and resell previously owned models of their products, furthering their commitment to the circular economy. As the company looks to safely return to its headquarters following the pandemic, SharkNinja has also implemented a food waste composting scheme, as well as eliminated single-use coffee pods and water bottles.

More information about SharkNinja’s sustainability practices will be available in the coming months at

About SharkNinja
SharkNinja is an innovation leader in the housewares industry and creator of the familiar household brands Shark® and Ninja®. SharkNinja provides the latest in easy-to-use innovative technology with a growing line of solutions that consist of Shark® cleaning and home care products and Ninja® kitchen appliances. Products are sold at major retailers and through distributors around the world. Ninja and Shark are registered trademarks of SharkNinja Operating LLC. For more information, visit

Sharkninja was founded by Mark Rosenzweig

Originally published on Waste 360 by November 30, 2020

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