SharkNinja Enters Cookware Category With Foodi Sets

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Originally published on Homeworld Business on Sept 17th, 2020

NEEDHAM, MA— SharkNinja, manufacturer of floor care, kitchen appliances, and kitchenware, is taking its Foodi brand to the next level with the introduction of cookware.

Dubbed the Ninja Kitchen Foodi NeverStick line, the cookware is designed to sear like stainless steel and go straight into the oven like cast iron, the company said.

According to SharkNinja, the pandemic spurred the introduction of the cookware as consumer demand for the category remains high. Additionally, the company noted that the Foodi line seemingly had fans of its own, creating the perfect storm of a launch, even for an unprecedented time.

“The first half of 2020 left people with few options for dining out as many were mandated to stay home. With the proven innovation of our previous Foodi product launches and consumer research, we knew the consumers were yearning for cookware that would stand the test of time and provide a versatile cooking experience, all at the right price. This was the opportune time for us to work to solve that problem in only the way Ninja could,” said a company spokesperson.

The cookware line has been designed to resist chipping and flaking, even if metal utensils have been used, the company said. The cookware is oven safe up to 500°F as well as dishwasher safe.

The cookware aspect, however, is new to the Foodi brand methodology. Most of the line was developed in order to allow consumers to create healthy complex meals at home in a short amount of time. The overall line includes a pressure cooker; air fryer; grill oven; hot and cold blender; and Duo blender/juicer, but the addition of the cookware opens up the company’s reach to those consumers who are looking to tap into the Foodi lifestyle but prefer more conventional means of cooking and preparing a meal.

“While many of our items simplify or speed up the cooking process, we know there are still at-home chefs who enjoy the traditional method of cooking. This new line not only complements existing products but expands the ability to create delicious meals at home that you can be proud of,” the spokesperson said.

Released through and most retailers who already carry Ninja products, the cookware line is also being supported through a full marketing campaign, said the spokesperson.

“As with many of our launches, we are doing a mix of traditional marketing efforts both through earned, paid and digital media. We also dropped a sizzle to showcase product usage,” the spokesperson said.

The cookware collection is available in three size configurations and are currently offered only as sets— 13-piece, 10-piece and 5-piece.

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